Nov 23 2011

Spanish Arrival

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This scene portrays how the natives were baffled and amazed by the sight of the Spanish ships. You could see how two of the natives were pulled toward the unknown like gravity. It was smart of the other one to leave because the Spanish would end up decimating the native population. Through this movie, you can visualize many of the points made in Atomik Aztex like the rituals, tools, culture and family structure.

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  1.   salvarezon 05 Dec 2011 at 9:44 am

    John I gave you 6 more points for your blogs. Glad to see you could get the video to show up. The problem with the historical accuracy of this film is that by the time the Spaniards arrive, the great Maya city states had been gone for about 700 years.

    You should make sure you give some sort of E to what you quote. For example in the Charlie Rose transcript, you give more P to the quote. More E would have been better practice, especially when reading over some of Wallace’s formal techniques in comparison to Plascencia. Wallace’s class syllabi and his notes to teaching are available at the University of Texas online

    I hope to make it to Austin to see some of this stuff.

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