Nov 23 2011

Automatically Unreliable

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And she said that she went into restaurants and before ordering said to the waiters: “Eyes of a blue dog.” But the waiters bowed reverently, without remembering ever having said that in their dreams. Then she would write on the napkins and scratch on the varnish of the tables with a knife: “Eyes of a blue dog.”

This woman appears obsesed with him and is an unreliable narrator. Her rendering of the story and/or commentary on it the reader has reasons to suspect. Any narrator that is in the unconscious is unreliable. They are delusional and vulnerable.

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  1.   caseyon 12 Dec 2011 at 12:37 am

    Another interesting point on the narrator, in my opinion, is the stream of consciousness that we receive when the narrator says “[…] without remembering ever having said that in their dreams.” This shows the narrator giving us an insight into the waiters’ minds. This also happens at other points throughout the story and would be an interesting aspect to touch on.

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